Edges and how they fit in to the picture...so to speak!

I've come to appreciate the edge of the canvas, in terms of it’s size and its effect on a viewer’s relationship with the painting.
I thought it might be interesting to share some of those thoughts with you. 

3/4 " edges serve  8" x10",  16"x 20",multiples and small works by creating a physical balance; not emphasizing but integrating them. 
Often sold as multiples, these smaller works can be simply framed and hung together in a form or a cluster as easily as they hang individually..
They can also be incorporated into a single frame as multiples, that read as one framed work.

I think edges can be very elegant and act as a visual unwind of the layers in the painting .
They also create a 3 dimensional aspect to a painting, where a frame tends to emphasize the flat picture plane.

I do like a large work to have a deeper frame,  fulfilling its proportion in a 3D balance of the painting. 

1/ 3/8” edging has more of a presence to incorporate into the painting. It flows naturally in my larger 36" x 48" works,

but when used with a 6" x 6" canvas, it can make the painting feel more like an object.

I don't much like frames unless simple and not distracting, although, a simple boarder in a small paper work can work well.

(matt black floater frame)

(matt black floater frame)