Creating textural dimension with a new technique

Here is the third painting in the series about creating dimension on a flat plane. It is as yet untitiled.


I have been working for the past six months on very textural work made of many layers of thick paint. I enjoyed the sculptural qualities of laying the paint on thick and scraping back to reveal underneath layers and make track marks with the palette knife.
There came a turning point when I ordered materials for making 24 canvas's 32" X 40". As I was stretching and gessoing the canvas I started thinking how flat they were and how I would like to try building a similar feeling of depth and dimension as the textural work but only using thin layers of paint and glaze. I am really enjoying the process of watching them evolve layer by layer, color by color. It is a familiar process of light, then dark over and over until the painting seems complete or begs me to stop as this one did. So here it is, I hope you like it.