All is well in the world of painting!

A triptych has been born in pastel hues of Cerulean Blue, Magenta, Sapphire, French Ultra Marine and Flinders Red Violet. They have been my solace and fuel throughout a busy week in which our family found out the house we have been renting, has been sold. We have to move quite quickly, so I haven’t had much time for anything else, when I have it has been creating these three paintings. They are not yet complete although not far from it. I love this stage in a painting when you can see it’s form and it feels beautiful and yet you know to risk it by adding another layer, is to possibly add another dimension again. I love the moment, or layer when it speaks and says, ‘I am complete’ A resolution between all that is layered there, to a place, a unity, that vibrates harmoniously in itself. I have allowed some paintings in the ‘Wood for the Tree’s’ Series to be finished in infant stages. They are a more skeletal. They have a raw energy and yet a delicate resonance.

These paintings are part of the next show. I’ll be making an announcement about that as soon as written confirmation is through. It is all very exciting and after such an amazing experience in February, I look forward to doing it all again!

Meanwhile, we will be dismantling the studio for a couple of weeks during the move, but I can assure you, it’ll be my first project unpacking after making beds and cooking facilities! The good news is we are looking for a home that better reflects where we are at, that reads as a bigger, more functional workspace for me. We must be one of the few couples at housing inspections where the female runs to check out the shed first! Very funny!

I am sure also that the change in our personal life shall provide inspiration throughout the experience, to draw on in my painting. I hope I will take more risk. It’s been an incredible year!