A busy time!

I have been having fun! I feel afforded an opportunity to play in the studio whilst attending some domestic requirements of late. It is different from the energy that builds when an goal is imminent. I have been able to enjoy planting a winter vegetable garden in my back yard, to replace the summer bumper first. It is still new growing vegetables on this family scale. Actually, I have a feeling people at the children’s school see me coming and run…not another zucchini, cucumber or more chillies! Now it is Brocolli, Cauliflower, Beans, Peas, Beetroot, Carrot, Potato and the list goes on. So, it has been really nice being able to enjoy that process whilst playing when hours permit, in the studio.

Last year was so busy with two exhibitions and finding a new house! A lot of my studio time was spent in a very discipline manner. Regular hours and working at resolve. Whereas play is where the development comes in and that is what I need with my work now. I am taking the time to let it brew so to speak, to gestate until the burst of energy it takes to work enthusiastically, come naturally. I have felt connected to the flow and it has branched out into the other area’s.

Whilst planting Rhubarb the other day, all of a sudden the garden was more vivid in color. The marigolds were glowing amber gold, the green of foliage was deep and healthy and I felt more connected to the flow. The flow is a feeling state that lets me know I am on track. It doesnt even have to make sense at the time, just like when chosing a color in painting, when I think about it to much it slows, but in the intuitive moment, I seem to have a better grasp of the bigger picture yet to reveal itself.

In the studio it seems, color is again quite vivid. Over glazes, in Aust Red Gold and Alizarin Crimson appeared last night and I like the layering the have contributed.

I am working on 3 main paintings and a smaller one. They are a combination of various techniques from the last few years. The palette is also quite bold. Sapphire, Magenta, Royal Blue and Violet are featured. It is a lot of fun because there is no pressure to head in any direction. It is open.