A big thank you to everyone!

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To all those who came to our Wavelengths exhibition; Thank you!

What a fabulous night! A sea of vibrant color matched with an exhuberant energy from all the people that came. We estimate that once again we had at least 200 guests who milled around the paintings, looking, talking and taking it all in. Jan and I received heartfelt feedback and interesting readings of our work from so many different sources. It really is a fabulous part of showing our work to hear what paintings resonate with different people and how a painting might touch them in some way.

The night was rich in sharing and to be frank I think we are only begining to digest it now, some days later. So thank you to all the people who left a comment in our guest book. It enables us to reminise and reflect on feedback that may have been lost in the overwhelming flow of the night! The Exhibition is on until the 20th of December so we still have many catch up’s and walk through’s planned over the next two weeks at the Gallery!Wonderful going in yesterday and seeing the sea of  little red dots that signify a sale! We were thrilled so many works found new homes! It means so much to an artist to know someone loves what they have done enough to actually purchase it and hang it in their homes! There were a couple of sales intended as gifts for other people which is really nice too, to think that people see the value in sharing beauty with someone they love. Overall the Opening exceeded all our expectations and we are still riding the crest of enthusiasm in the air on Wednesday!

There is much heartfelt thanks from both of us toall the people that have inspired, supported and encouraged us along the way as well. The Exhibition is a pinnacle but the work has been encouraged in quieter times by family, friends and many people along the way. They help keep our faith in what we are doing during those periods when we are actually quite solitary.

There is always a social whirl in the lead up to and the aftermath of an Opening night. People travelled from Interstate and even oversea’s. Naturally, we have wanted to spend some quality time with them and so have had quite a few lunches, dinner’s and coffee’s planned around the Gallery this week!  I’ll keep you posted with the goings on and have some photo’s of the Opening night to share mid week!