I'm in-between.

In the past couple of months, things changed very quickly.  I kid you not. We moved states. Literally. 
I have not had much time for painting which is most rare regardless the circumstances but I have a designated space set up to work with art journaling and related concepts and exploring how that, now, is translated in the way I see my work. 
I am changing, my work is changing.
I'm in-between.



My journaling time leans toward my studies with Erin Faith Allen's, courses Metamorph and Inner Space, (Love these year long workshops...you have time to dive deep)
I have learnt so much.
I've grown my disciplines, adding collage and multi media to my tool kit and my journals are becoming, it is time to start translating this expression on to canvas. 

It has been some months since I have written a post.
Life has been so busy with personal things, there hasn't been much to tell with painting. I had packed it all to move with the exception of my main journaling supplies which we kept with us when moving. It became my staple.
I am yet to begin a new series of paintings in earnest.

We have just settled our family and begun a new adventure. My painting is reflecting that and it is mostly journal oriented. 



I have decided to share the process 'of becoming' as this expression finds it's way out.
So in essence , instead of cataloguing work at the time of release with a series, I will share the journal pages as they are created, the artworks that come out of this time will be my next body of work.

I'm surprised by this evolution in mixed media but am deeply involved with the process of daily journaling, and excited at the prospect of broadening some more.
Sculpture is in my sights, as is installation pieces but first, we have some more settling in to do. Foundations are important for a long term vision. The forest is still informing me.

Finding personal balance.

I have to be honest and say the past few weeks have been challenging, I have found it difficult to find my balance, I seem to be either entirely optimistic and full of faith or collapsed inside of a fearful moment. I have felt true emotional exhaustion and questioned my own faith in a benevolent society but I have also felt elation and connection more profoundly than ever before.
I am so grateful for the clarity the process of painting provides me, as it is there I draw the fuel for balance-daily. 

There is definitely a shift occurring for all of humanity.
The times I have felt fear are the times I know I have been resistant to change. Deep down I believe that all is well on our planet despite the atrocities still playing out in our growth curve, I know the Universe conspires in our favor.
There is a saying that 'history repeats itself' and although it is often true, it is not steadfast or necessary that it does so.
In fact with true growth it doesn't. When we know better, we do better. 

We have reached a point in time where some patterns have come up for review and seem to be highlighted for our attention, this is not so we feel condemned to repeat the past but to awaken the knowledge that we truly create our reality with our expectation and contrast has helped discern our preferences.
That is why balance is so important now, we have a chance to create an entirely new paradigm. Where we focus our attention we add energy. Focus more on the outcome you desire rather than the problems you may perceive. 

There is always a silver lining to be found in contrast.

There is always a silver lining to be found in contrast.

It truly helps if you turn off the television and spend more time in nature and time spent creating something with joy can fill your soul with the energy needed to stay positive in those moments you feel the wobble.

I saw a wonderful movie recently called 'Arrival', it suggests time is cyclical, which is a belief I have subscribed to for some time, but time is also subject to consciousness.
We directly affect the future with our thoughts and our thoughts are changing.
They are more inclusive and oriented in community than ever before, this is changing the outcome of the cycle we may have been destined to repeat without this growth in consciousness. Just like ripples on a pond, thought waves affect reality. 

Earth tones- Tiny Talisman

Earth tones- Tiny Talisman

Sometimes the best thing you can do for others is take stock of your self love and care.  
Our outer world reflects our inner, so if you want to see change in the world, you need to find that change inside of yourself first.
The first order of the day is to find energetic sovereignty. You are the master of how you feel about anything.
It takes some getting used to because we are trained from birth to look for guidance outside of ourselves, starting with our parents, but true guidance comes from within, from your direct connection with source.
We are often so busy we don't have the space to connect with our inner self. Making time to do something you love in quietude affords you a place to connect. Some people find this in meditation or exercise, I find it in painting.
Spend some time working out where that place is provided in your life. There is much on offer when you find it.

My hope with the R-evol-u-tion project is that in making Tiny Talisman people would take a few moments out of their busy schedule to create and in doing so, may find more connection with themselves.
It is not lost on me that in taking this time to create something to gift to another, one is gifted with oneself. We are living in a powerful era, what happens next is up to you.


Giving...keeps on giving...

I write today so fulfilled with the R-evol-u-tion project and it has not yet been a week. It really has restored my faith that people want to be involved in positive action.

Just the idea of leaving a Tiny Talisman for someone to randomly find seems to put a smile on peoples faces! Actually going out and leaving them around town had my friend and I grinning all afternoon. We felt like a kids in on a secret, it's exciting!

Pineapple love

I happened to see a woman walking down the street where I had hung a couple of Tiny Talisman earlier, I was actually waiting to pick up my child from school. She walked past the first one after spotting it but then on spotting a second a block further, must have realized the first was not something left for someone who may had dropped it. She retrieved it from the bush and popped it in her bag to open later. It is so fascinating to see different psychology at work. It never occurred to me people would not stop and pick them up but in hindsight it makes sense. People don't really want to do the wrong thing and pick up something that is not theirs. I hope she enjoyed opening it when she could.

Left on a bush for someone to find.

I've opened social media pages (fb: #R-evol-u-tion and Instagram #revolution_artwithheart) for people to share their experience with this project whether it be the making, the leaving or the finding of the Tiny Talisman. I have found the members who have joined the pages are as interested in seeing the pics people post as they are in the activity...seems this giving has many layers of joy. 

Thankfully, people are sharing too as the project only grows along with those who get on board. It may have initially started with the 200 Tiny Talisman I have made but many have pledged to create and share themselves.
This is where I think it will get really exciting. We'll be able to see what different people create and hopefully some of the finders will start checking in. Of course if they don't it doesn't mean the project isn't working to make people smile, they may be social media shy or not have time or access but ultimately the idea of following the journey of the Talisman is secondary but it does add another layer of community to the project.

Removing the envelope makes for better transparency

I am truly grateful for the friends whom have helped deliver the original Talisman to area's further than I would travel on my own. It has made it so easy to get them out into the world. It takes a village. Feedback has helped me decide to remove the envelope the original Tiny Talisman were packaged in. I hope it makes the card more visible and the intent more obvious.

This is just the beginning....the Love Revolution continues...A BIG thank you to everyone for helping spread love and goodwill in our communities!


R-evol-u-tion project with my Tiny Talisman.

I have been painting 'Tiny Talisman' for a while now but recently I decided to create them with a special purpose in mind, to leave them for people to randomly find in my neighborhood.
The idea is to think Global and act Local. 

I truly feel it is the small acts of kindness in a day that make it good and after feeling deflated and somewhat confused the past few months I feel this is a proactive, ground roots movement that could just put a smile on people's faces and remind us how very much connected we all are to one another.

On a deeper level as an artist, it is also a way for me to do what I need to express in the world. The energy of my work is what I have to offer the world. I want to give something of myself that can have a positive effect and ripple outward to others. I have felt a little stagnant of late and this idea has given me energy to create with purpose."


Will you join us?


Getting the first 100 Tiny Talisman packaged up to leave for people to find.

Getting the first 100 Tiny Talisman packaged up to leave for people to find.

I have enlisted the help of my local meet up group, 'Spirit Sister' friends to distribute 100 Tiny Talisman created over the past two months, throughout our neighborhood this week.
My hope is that when people come across them on their travels and open the package to find the 'Tiny Talisman' that it makes them feel good and smile.

Science has proven that smiling automatically makes a person feel good as endorphins are released in the body.
I hope this project makes many people smile and a flood of endorphins for all.
It has also been proven that helping others creates a feeling of purpose and wellbeing, so this project has a two fold effect.

The recipients have a choice to keep the Talisman,  but if they decide to keep it, my hope is that they will create something to leave in the same fashion, for someone else to find in 'pay it forward fashion'.
A person who writes might leave a positive quote or a poem, some may draw, paint or even create a collage to share, in fact the possibilities are as endless as the imagination.

Painting is what I have to offer but this project is not restricted to my creative expression. In fact I sincerely hope seed groups begin and others may feel inclined to create multiple items to share themselves. This project could grow itself exponentially as seed groups form.

The next 100 Tiny Talisman to go out in the community.

The next 100 Tiny Talisman to go out in the community.

I would love to see what other people choose to create and leave for another too, so I created a Facebook page called  R-evol-u-tion and Instagram at revolution_artwithheart where a person can leave a comment on where they found the Talisman (not a specific location, more a description such as 'under a tree' or 'on 'a park bench') and perhaps whether they have decided to keep the Talisman or have left it in a new place for someone else to find. I have numbered the cards and would love to be able to observe how far they travel and how many times they are replaced for others. 

There is no obligation to leave a message but wouldn't it be cool to see exactly how far we can pay it forward? 
The ultimate goal is just to spread good feeling and as wide as we possibly can. It's my way of sending love out into the world and I would love it if you would join me.

We can be the change we wish to see.

#revolution. #tinytalisman

She is transformed!

I finally took the plunge and worked on a painting on canvas with the same intention as I undertake a journal spread. 

She is transformed.

I painted an abstract piece I liked very much but decided to push it further and consider it a sacrificial piece in order to satisfy the process.
Our theme for November was fire. 
I painted her, I cut her up, I sewed her back together with thread and finally set her alight.
She lives. She is transformed.
Destruction is an interesting process in itself. When you put aside the judgement of 'breaking' something, or the idea of loss in regard to what you already had created, it allows you to let go of a desired outcome in powerful way.
I often sacrifice what I have created for the pleasure of pushing further to see what comes next (as I am sure I have covered in previous posts regarding the multiple 'stopping points' an artwork has along the way of it's making) but the idea of incorporating scissors, thread and fire was new.
I wonder if I will be cutting up and burning older works I have stored in the studio now? It is somewhat addicting! 
I too feel transformed.

Connecting with my ancestors.

Through journaling I have found another portal to self discovery.
I am using art making as the medium to evoke memories of my own and unlock memories stored in my DNA because there are family members no longer on this Earth who's stories remain a mystery, as there was much they would not speak of while here. They are survivors of WWII.
My Grandparents had the courage to travel with a small child (who later became my Mother) across Europe, from The Czech Republic to Italy to board a ship bound for a foreign country (Australia) in the hopes of creating a new life.
They, along with many others, managed against all hardship to do exactly that. I am eternally grateful for the courage and faith they had in their ability and future, assuring mine.
This spread is a way for me to connect more fully to their journey. I am surprised by the depth of emotion I have felt using this process of art journaling.
The act of collaging old photographs, building and excavating layers of paint, pastel, ink and graphite, mirror the emotional digging, revealing and concealing so much more than I anticipated. It is a truly rewarding process and one that I will use as a means of expression, alongside of my daily painting practice.

'A Rose by any other name'

I am deeply attracted to tiles, blocks and multiples in painting. I just love the concept of many small parts that contribute to the whole. A metaphor for life really, we can appreciate the detail while still seeing the big picture.
While working on my larger paintings, I usually have a smaller, multiple work on the go at the same time. I love designing the multiples to read as one and yet be able to hang individually.
I am especially thrilled when a client purchases a set, as I create I do intend the work to be hung as one but understand available space and finance have a place when purchasing a work.
'A Rose by any other name' has been collected in it's entirety, consisting of 9 blocks @ 6"x 6". 
I hope my new collector is inspired everyday.


'Go forth and be kind'

I have been finding my personal balance in painting.

Restoring connection to source energy, as dialogue occurs between the canvas and the paint.    
'Go forth and be kind'  it says.

18" x 36" Oil/Canvas

Detail: (This is only a detail picture not the whole painting.) 

'Go forth and be kind'


I find I wait until my paint clothes are on and I am in the studio and ready to work to open to the inspiration of what action to take.
I have found lately my inspiration for what color to apply next has had an interesting correlation to the nail varnish color I am wearing on the day.

Mauve Gray

It didn't occur to me until I had posted a couple of photo's on social media over the course of a couple of weeks, that this is what was happening. 
I have no preference for how I am inspired, intuition has always been my guide for what color or technique I will apply in any given session. Lately when asking my higher self 'what next' my eyes have found the answer right in front of me...in my varnish!


My latest commission- turning 'Sunrise on the Mountain' into 'Awakening'.

I've been busy this month with a commission. It's been an interesting process. Once again, I have learnt many things through the process of collaborating.

There have definitely been many stages thoughout the whole push/pull relationship with the canvas and palette changes, along with an entirely new midsection, in the style of the 'Thick series' that have challenged me but as I've pushed through it always rewarded. The work began as 'Sunrise on the Mountain' a 36" x 48" painting from the Weave Series.

sunrise the mountain.jpg

After discussing which series on my website my collector responded to and in what way, I decided the best way to meet the request was to begin with a painting, from one of the preferred series already complete.
I then factored in the extra detail and contrast using the colors already present in the undercoat/painting and created texture with a palette knife of Titanium White. 
My client explained he is actually color blind, so I photographed it with the black and white filter to see if I could see the work differently.
It was very interesting, they way it highlighted the area's of contrast so easily and enabled me to visualize more clearly the area's to solidify. He wanted the windows to the darker ground visible in parts and a lighter 'Spring' feel to the highlights included in the more textured top application. 

  Black and White image of the painting in progress to share with my client who is partially colorblind.


Black and White image of the painting in progress to share with my client who is partially colorblind.

At present the entire top third is painted Titanium white with hints of a glow of the palette that lies beneath. I will always know it is there and feel it's contribution but how much of that glow will remain to be seen is still unknown as yet.
At a certain point it will just be right, even though some stages don't seem to make much sense on their own. It is always the whole with a painting.  Each layer contributing in ways unplanned and building on from there to create a work that at some point just cries finished, complete. and you know it.  
This work is about renewal and the windows through to the under layer painting are a salute to past, the fabric that goes into the weave. Although, with paintings it often feels as though the future is painting the now. The layers know why they need to be expressed in terms of the final outcome. I just have to trust.

Finally, the finished painting. My client signed off on it today and I am preparing her for shipping.
I am excited to be able to contribute to the new environment my client is establishing, for the beginning of a new chapter in his life. What an honor it is to journey in collaboration with another. Co-creating at it's best!
(Unfortunately there is no time to photograph this work professionally so here is an iphone picture to share.)

'Awakening' 36"x48" Oil on Canvas 2016

'Awakening' 36"x48" Oil on Canvas 2016

Tiny Works Exhibition @ ActivistartistA Gallery in Boynton Beach, Florida.

My Tiny Talisman have found another size appropriate show to participate in at the ActivistartistA Gallery in Boynton Beach, Florida.

The show is titled Tiny Works and tiny they are but it is interesting to note small work still carries a vibrational imprint that is large, particularly when there are multiple works hung together!
Kudos to Rolando Chang Barrero for organizing another great community event!

Tiny Talisman I

Tiny Talisman II

Tiny Talisman II

Tiny Talisman

Twitter Exhibit Entry: 'Rebirth'


I have been painting Tiny Talisman for the better part of a year,
The idea was in part dictated by available space and a desire to continue in some way, with the tiles format of paintings fitting in together, parts to the whole. I've held a fascination, since studying Latvian Artist, Immants Tiller in my early painting years for tiles and canvas paper that joins, pages telling a story.
The original idea stemmed from a clients request to have a piece of art she could carry around in her purse for the energy it imbued to travel with her, hence the title Tiny Talisman.

Since making these 2.5" x 3.5" paintings on canvas card, I have explored a number of themes with them. In the process of their completion and during the assemblage of the multi card projects, (the mixed media 10"x8"s of 2016) I have found a renewed sense of play.

At times I painted them into the canvas at other times I removed them leaving a space where they were once. They have become an index of the palettes used in creating my larger works along the way.
They are in progress, all around the studio most of the time. I use paint left on the palette after a studio session and apply a certain stamping to the cards with it. The layers build over weeks and even months until they feels complete.

I mainly print 2.5"x3.5"'s but occasionally will use a larger size of canvas card to begin. This entry to the Twitter Art Exhibit , titled 'Rebirth' is postcard size.

I have entered a couple of Exhibitions with my smaller works in the last month. It's been great to see these little works make a difference somewhere, regardless of size. 

The proceeds of the sale of work in TwitterArtExhibit go to Foster Pride NYC. It's nice to be part of something that can make a difference. :)
There is so much good work to look at or purchase too! 
My painting: 'Rebirth' 2016

Thanks Twitter for organizing the TwitterArtExhibition!