Small Works - "Letters to myself"

I had a yearning and needed to delve deeper. I had got to a comfortable place. I took a year long hiatus from painting on canvas and studied various forms of art journaling while experimenting with materials and working through life’s issues. These spreads and later canvases have become the series "Letters to myself".

I made marks with many new mediums from inks, pens and oil markers. It freed me up, expanding my vocabulary and helped me rediscover my motivations for the various works I make. Each work, no matter the medium, is an extensions of an inner world. Herein lies the energy they emit.

I have continued making small work alongside of my main art practice and maintain a regular journal. I have found each process informs the other.
As I’m incorporating my art journaling practices into my work on canvas, these smaller works have proven to be a bridge.